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Dom Based XSS on Indeed job searching site

Indeed.com DOM XSS

Prohost.nz A New Zealand based hosting company. https://prohost.nz

Custom Website

Blind SQL injection on Australian Bureau of Meterology Vulnerability. Blog Post to come

B.O.M vulnerability

My Resume

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Class of 2023

Bachelor of Science Computer-Science

Studying computer science gives me a wide range of knowledge on all fields with computer science and specialising in cyber-security and machine learning

University of Auckland


2020 - Jamespeters.co.nz

Full Stack Developer

Built Art Selling Website with admin panel backend and dynamic frontend getting data from MongoDB database

Custom Job - Jamespeters.co.nz
2020 - www.bom.gov.au

Penetration Test

Found Boolean based Blind SQL Injection on www.bom.gov.au which lead to leaking data on the server and created an attack surface for RCE (Remote Code Execution)

Blog Post - (Coming Soon)

My Services

Mobile Full Scale/Stack App Development

I am proficient in node js and developement processes within that which allow me to build full scale mobile apps that interact with any data forms and API's to create a well functioning application. any feature or any function a business needs createing not only a strong web presence but also a strong mobile presence

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Ecommerce and Business management Systems

In business now having a presence online is no longer an option but a necessity. I work on building a servies and Web application that works for what the business needs. These services are highly cutom systems designed for that business and that business only.

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Full Stack Web Development

Having knowledge in multiple languages and database management and data structure systems allows me to create entire wesbites and services from the ground up. Managaing not only hosting but SSL certificates, SEO, Database, API interactions, etc. providing everything and anything a business needs

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Get In Touch

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Zac Wesley-Brown

Zac Wesley-Brown

Full-stack Developer / Penetration Tester at Independant Consultant (Self Employed)

Independant Consultant (Self Employed) | The University of Auckland

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